Monday, 6 August 2018

An internship

This summer I have completed an 8-week internship with The Elliot Foundation. As a University student in my penultimate year, I had two priorities: to gain an experience within the charity sector and to be based in London. So when The Elliot Foundation offered me this internship, I jumped at such an opportunity.

Upon arrival I was inducted into what I would be doing for the next 8 weeks.  A clear and structured schedule was laid out before me. I would spend time in each Central Office department. Human Resources, Governance and Policy, Estates and complete a social media project with the CEO. Each Director met me and kindly gave me an overview of the Foundation and their roles within it. Most importantly, I was made aware of what motivated each member of staff. It was the desire and drive to ensure that as many primary children as possible were allowed to thrive and fulfil their potential. As Hugh Greenway (CEO) boldly said: ‘The thing is Tanera, it’s all about the kids’.

In the weeks that flew by I undertook such tasks as collating a report for the Trade Unions, amending HR and Governance policies, updating The Elliot Foundation social media presence, communicating with many of the 27 Academies and taking minutes for the important Board and Trust meetings. I gained a valuable insight into the workings of a Multi-Academy Trust and the relationship between the education sector and government. At a more ground level I gained a face value experience of the many raw and real challenges which children, parents, staff and schools face in the UK. Challenges which The Elliot Foundation strives to overcome on a daily basis.

I immediately felt like I was part of The Elliot Foundation ‘family’ and that my presence was of a genuine value to the organisation. The warmth and generosity of the working environment was unparalleled. The Elliot Foundation runs on the mutual support of its staff, it is a place whereby each and everyone, intellectually and personally, motivates the other.

I will be honest, I came into this internship with a keen interest in the charitable sector but lacking in a clear understanding of the educational and primary academy sector. Now, on my final day I can reflect on the wealth of knowledge which I have attained from The Elliot Foundation and the shared experiences of all the staff which I have had the privilege to work with and learn from. I leave with a deeply fond memory of my time spent with The Elliot Foundation and a great appreciation of the work that this Multi-Academy Trust accomplishes.

Tanera Scott