Thursday, 6 October 2016

Proud of our diversity

Reported widely this week has been the government proposal to 'shame companies into listing their foreign workers'. Although it is always possible that plans have been misreported, we thought we'd take this opportunity to state how proud we are of the diversity within the Elliot Foundation.

The Elliot Foundation was conceived as a charity committed to improving outcomes for all the children in its primary schools regardless of their backgrounds.  This sentiment extends to our employees.

We will never be 'shamed' into revealing their nationalities. We are incredibly proud of their diversity. We cannot divulge the ethnicity or nationality of all of our 1,500+ employees because we do not have their permission to do so.  

But the photo above is of all the staff in head office this morning, all of whom resoundingly endorse this message. They are, reading from left to right: British Nigerian, Kenyan British, British Sri Lankan, Nigerian British, Ukrainian, Somalilander and Polish.  Not in the photo is our British Jewish Office Manager and the photographer and author is a Balding Ginger European.

Our diversity is not the result of any policy or active plan. It is merely the product of drawing together people who believe that restricting children's life chances simply because of where they are born or the colour of their skin is unacceptable.

For the record, we will never employ a member of staff or not employ them because of their ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation provided that they are entitled to work in the UK.  Not only because it is illegal to discriminate on this basis but because it is morally wrong!

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